"Sir, stay calm because the man you see here is a dummy. This was how the Military Police reassured the population about the urban intervention Trampoline that was installed on several bridges crossing the polluted Pinheiros River since September 19 - World Water Cleanup Day.

The work composed of realistic characters positioned on the tip of blue boards aimed to allude to the impossibility of diving or swimming in the Pinheiros River due to its contamination.

The city's response was immediate: 300 occurrences at the Fire Department, selfies and large number of posts on social networks, spontaneous media. One of the sculptures was shot by a revolver and another had its head cut off. All these transformations were incorporated into the work.

The work was part of the exhibition As Margens do Rio Pinheiros and included an educational action for school groups in partnership with the Associação Águas Claras do Rio Pinheiros, NGO focused on awareness and recovery of the Pinheiros river basin.

Video produced by Kana Filmes

Technical Data Sheet

Sculptures and artistic painting various dimensions

Pinheiros River
São Paulo, 2014

Photo: Kana Filmes

Photo: Kana Filmes