The intervention Labirinto was exhibited in the main public parks of the city of São Paulo: Ibirapuera, Villa Lobos, Juventude and Ecológico do Tietê.

The work was built with 100 tons of recyclable materials forming a geometric composition labyrinth with 400 square meters, acrylic mirrors and two accesses for public circulation inside.

All the material used in the exhibitions was collected in recycling cooperatives in the city and then returned. That is, nothing was wasted. I also organized guided tours with visually impaired people, since this work has the ability to activate other senses such as touch, smell and hearing.

The spectator was invited to enter the labyrinth looking for the exit between the walls of solid waste, which put him face to face with the rubbish he produces.

Technical Data Sheet

400 bales of recyclable waste with soft drink bottles, plastic cups and packaging, cardboard, aluminium cans, steel cables and plastic mirrors
20 x 20 x 2.30 m

Ibirapuera Park and Villa Lobos
São Paulo, 2012

Guided tour with the visually impaired

Córdoba - Argentina, 2015

Photo: Chatarra G Viramonte

Photo: Chatarra G Viramonte

Arautos da Paz Park
Campinas, 2015