Fallen tree

Hundreds of trees fall every year in the city of São Paulo for the wrong reasons. It is a great loss for society and for the environmental balance.

The intervention Fallen Tree, in Ibirapuera Park, consisted in replanting a giant eucalyptus tree, weighing 10 tons and 20 meters high, upside down, confronting the laws of nature as we do with our city's landscape. This tree, like so many in the metropolis, fell during the heavy summer rains this year, but it was given a rebirth through the urban intervention and its meaning.

Art can be brutal and poetic, imposing and delicate. Art transforms reality and reconnects man with nature.

Technical Data Sheet

Eucalyptus, iron, human sculpture and steel cables
3 x 1 x 20 m

Ibirapuera Park
São Paulo, 2015