Bandit bull

Sculptures of bulls appropriated the cows from the Cow Parade event , at Paulista and Faria Lima avenues, in São Paulo, to question the concept of the exhibition that is considered the largest public art event in the world.

The Bandit Bull rescued the Brazilian imaginary, an animal that was never tamed in rodeos and became a national legend.

For me, the cow became sterile as an object of reflection, and the bull performed an artistic insemination on her. As it was an unauthorized action, I had to answer to a police enquiry for obscene act, defamation and material damages, instituted by the organizers of the event. In my defense, I reiterated that art cannot be tamed.

Video produced by Kana Filmes

Technical Data Sheet

Two pieces
Styrofoam, fibre, resin and acrylic paint
2.00 x 80 x 1.80 m each sculpture

Paulista Avenue and Faria Lima Avenue
São Paulo, 2010