The multimedia installation Supermarket is formed by shelves full of manufactured food and monitors, mirrors and an audio system.

The composition of the room consists of two opposite walls entirely occupied with horizontal shelves and the other two walls with mirrors. In the centre of the room is a self-supporting gondola also filled with food. The sound reproduces the noise of shopping carts in movement and the monitors show a looped video of a performance inside a supermarket in activity, where I drive a shopping cart and consume the products from the gondolas directly on my body.

The work reveals our culture of excess and waste in relation to food. The video content on display between processed and superfluous foods, recreates in a symbolic way the human relationship, often distorted and distant from the nature of food and the body itself.

The invitation to people's participation celebrates the encounter between the public, the artist and his work but, essentially, transforms the viewer into an accomplice of the central idea of the installation: the consumer impulse that dominates contemporary society.

Technical Data Sheet

Video: 07'49"
Co-author: Fernando Huck

Performance inside a Supermarket, 2012

Food, SESC Pinheiros
São Paulo, 2014

Food, MuCEM
Marseille - France, 2014