Installation with 50 objects suspended by steel cables and nylon wires in the internal airspace of the Júlio Prestes train station. The bicycles used in the exhibition, in its majority, were historical, since they belonged to the collection of the museum Museu Caloi, the first bicycle manufacturer in the country.

Júlio Prestes Station, together with Luz Station, inaugurated the railway transportation and the urban development of the city. Currently, the station is listed by the historical heritage, but needs urgent restoration.

The mounting close to the large stained glass window allowed the incidence of natural light on the bicycles, transforming the look of the work during the day. The flying bicycles are part of the popular imagination, and this work aimed to reactivate the public eye for the local architecture.

Technical Data Sheet

Bicycles, steel cables, nylon threads

Exhibition Molina Remix
Sesc Paulista
São Paulo, 2008

Photo: Fernando Huck

Exhibition Dreams and Nightmares
Júlio Prestes Station
São Paulo, 2013

Photo: Tche Ruggi

Exhibition cycling tour

Photo: Tche Ruggi