Time for the jaguar to drink water

The urban intervention recreated a couple of jaguars in the form of giant inflatables alluding to one of the main animals of the Brazilian fauna and that is in danger of extinction.

The work occupied the banks of the Pinheiros River in front of the main train station and was seen by thousands of people daily in the visual exhibition As Margens do Rio Pinheiros.

In 2014, the water crisis in the Southeast region and the extreme pollution conditions of the Pinheiros River acted in the symbolic context of the sculptures and their appearance in the city landscape. Regrettably, a large part of the Brazilian population is unaware of the difference between the jaguar, tiger or lion that do not even originate from our continent.

The exhibition received several school groups with the partnership of the Associação Águas Claras do Rio Pinheiros, an NGO focused on awareness raising and the recovery of the river basin.

In 2016, the two sculptures were exhibited in the Andes Mountains in Argentina at the multicultural event PLus + Arte, in the Tunuyán vineyard region.

In 2017, a sculpture occupied the public space of the city of Geneva (Switzerland) at the global exhibition ACQUA organised by Art For The World , on the occasion of World Water Day.

Technical Data Sheet

Inflatable and artistic painting
10 x 4 x 2 m each

Pinheiros River
São Paulo, 2014

Photo: Kana Filmes

Andes Mountains
Argentina, 2016

In 2016, the sculptures named Yaguaretes were installed in the monumental landscape of the Andes Mountains in the context of Land Art creating a surreal scene, which accompanies the free spirit of urban intervention, without losing its critical connotation of extinction in all senses applied to the term: existence of species, human migratory crisis, and the complex relationship of values between man and nature.

Acqua exhibition
Switzerland, 2017