Urban intervention with monumental floating sculptures in the form of soda bottles.

The work participated in the International Biennale of Contemporary Art of South America (Bienal Sur) in several locations in Argentina.

It occupied the Tietê River (2008), the Guarapiranga reservoir (2010), the Bragança Paulista lake (2012) and the Santos beach (2014).

The work refers to an ecological meaning by its form and context in the contaminated urban landscape. The appropriation and the game of scale of an icon of consumption reveals the complex relationship of man with nature and a provocation to the senses anaesthetized in the urban everyday life. But the work also points to a poetic navigation and a message shared with the public through social actions during the exhibition period. In São Paulo, for instance, 3 thousand children navigated the Tietê River with the monitoring of Itaú Cultural.

In Argentina, the sculptures sailed along the Paraná River and Rio da Prata until they docked at the polluted mouth of the Riachuelo-Matanza River, in the iconic neighborhood of La Boca, where the social activities in schools took place.

For Srur: "It is necessary to recycle ideas, recycle the look and the way we see reality and, mainly, recycle the function of art in society, proposing its existence in people's lives through more accessible practices and actions. Art must go beyond the horizon, break borders. If you are afraid, put on your life jacket and move on."

Technical Data Sheet

20 pieces
vinyl, insulating motor, flotation platform, anchoring, steel cables, cabling and electrical system with fluorescent lamps
12 x 3.5 m each piece

International Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America
Argentina, 2017

Tietê River
São Paulo, 2008

Photo: Cia. de foto

Photo: Cássio Vasconcelos

Photo: Cia de Foto

10th Serrinha Art Festival
Taboão Lake
Bragança Paulista, 2011

Photo: Guilherme Yuji

Praia do Sol
Guarapiranga Dam
São Paulo, 2012

Photo: Dong Hyun Sung

Photo: Dong Hyun Sung

Photo: Dong Hyun Sung

Photo: Dong Hyun Sung

Photo: Dong Hyun Sung