Two parallel walls erected in front of the entrance to the Museum of Contemporary Art of the University of São Paulo invite us into a narrow passage. And unusual. Each of them is made of hundreds of toy cars, vertically piled up in red, blue, green, yellow, grey, orange and brown. Named Chaos, the installation composed of these two walls causes a claustrophobic sensation, although the plastic miniatures also bring a playful aspect to the space.

Amusing and at the same time uncomfortable, the crossing of this wall through the wide and beautiful lanes of the museum's entrance contrasts with the suffocating landscapes on the street side. The continuous noise and congestion on the two-way avenue and viaducts ahead, cutting across the city, reverberate on the trolley walls and back at us. They inevitably generate a strangeness.

Eduardo Srur is an artist with a curriculum full of important and provocative experiences, who consistently reminds us of the neglect of the environment, the dirt that urban life causes in rivers, the accumulated rubbish, the weight left by waste. Interesting to think how he does it.

To complete the work, the public will be invited to activate it. Literally, the walls At the end of the installation, in December, there will be an enormous horizontal carpet horizontal carpet made with the trolleys that covered the walls. There will be enough toys to There will be enough toys to create a miniature car park. And everything will be donated.

text by Katia Canton, curator of MAC USP

Technical Data Sheet

4,000 plastic trolleys and scaffolding
6 x 4 x 3 m

Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC USP)
São Paulo, 2018