The urban intervention Portal was present at the mouth of the streams Uberaba and Jaguaré that have the origin of the name in the Tupi-Guarani language, language of the Indians and first inhabitants of the region of the city of São Paulo. Uberaba means crystal clear waters and Jaguaré, place where the jaguar lives. Today, the very identity of the old streams that flowed into the Pinheiros River explains the mistake of urbanization and the abandonment of the metropolis' rivers.

Perhaps the most striking feature of this work is the fact that all the sculptures used in the composition of the work come from São Paulo samba school sheds. In this way, I appropriated existing objects and re-signified their presence to the public far from the festive atmosphere of Carnival, exposing the tragic history of vital streams that today are buried under the asphalt.

The work was part of the exhibition As Margens do Rio Pinheiros and included an educational action for school groups in partnership with Associação Águas Claras do Rio Pinheiros, NGO focused on awareness and recovery of the Pinheiros river basin.

Technical Data Sheet

Sculptures in fibre, Styrofoam and artistic painting
10 x 6 x 2 m each piece

Exhibition The Margins of the Pinheiros River
Rio Pinheiros
São Paulo, 2014